NetApp provides support for OpenStack connections with NetApp backends via the standard NetApp support channels by either calling 888.4.NETAPP (US and Canada) (888.463.8277), 00.800.44.638277 (EMEA/Europe), +800.800.80.800 (Asia/Pacific), or going to and submitting a support request.

Community support is available through the ‘thePub’ slack channel:

All documentation for NetApp’s drivers for OpenStack are contained in this Deployment Operations Guide. A link to the most current version can always be found at

The NetApp OpenStack team presently intends to provide maintenance of the two most recently released versions of OpenStack. For example, during Rocky development, all code that is part of the Queens and Pike official branches are supported. Upon Rocky release, direct maintenance for Pike would be dropped and maintenance for Rocky is added.

If your host operating system, hypervisor, and other components involved in the data path are approved through the IMT, then as long as you are using an OpenStack release (or n-1) version, your configuration is supported. See to verify your configuration is supported.

NetApp can provide customized support options for production requirements. For more information, please contact your sales team.