Installation and Uninstallation

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Upgrading and Reverting

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OpenStack is released under the Apache 2.0 license.


Presently, there is no separate versioning system for NetApp’s Cinder drivers, but are instead distinguished by the enclosing OpenStack release’s versioning and release system.

Deprecated Drivers

OpenStack Havana

In the OpenStack Havana release, NetApp deprecated a variety of management-integrated drivers that had been available in previous OpenStack releases. The driver names include:


The direct (and now unified) driver available in the Havana release provides equivalent functionality to these drivers for the various OpenStack services, but without the complex configuration and requirements to operate additional management software and infrastructure.

In situations where it is necessary to leverage the management-integrated drivers in a Havana-based OpenStack deployment, NetApp has ported the drivers to the Havana code base and made them available for download from a separate git repository located at

OpenStack Ocata

The NetApp unified driver in Cinder currently provides integration for two major generations of the ONTAP operating system: the current “clustered” ONTAP and the legacy 7-mode. NetApp’s “full support” for 7-mode ended in August of 2015 and the current “limited support” period will end in February of 2017 1.

In accordance with community policy 2, we are initiating the deprecation process for the 7-mode components of the Cinder NetApp unified driver set to conclude with their removal in the Queens release. This will apply to all three protocols currently supported in this driver: iSCSI, FC and NFS.

  • What is being deprecated: Cinder drivers for NetApp ONTAP 7-mode NFS, iSCSI, FC

  • Period of deprecation: 7-mode drivers will be around in stable/ocata and stable/pike and will be removed in the Queens release (All milestones of this release)

  • What should users/operators do: Follow the recommended migration path to upgrade to ONTAP 3 or get in touch with your NetApp support representative.

OpenStack Stein

Cinder drivers for NetApp E-Series are removed from the Stein release, in accordance with community policy 2. This will apply for the following protocols: iSCSI and FC. Any Cinder E-series deployers are encouraged to get in touch with NetApp via the community #openstack-netapp IRC channel on freenode or via the #OpenStack Slack channel on We encourage migration to the LVM driver for continued use of E-series systems in most cases via Cinder’s migrate facility 4.


Transition Fundamentals and Guidance


OpenStack deprecation policy


ONTAP for 7-Mode Administrators


‘OpenStack Cinder Volume Migration guide`__